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Cremation or Ritual?

Some folks believe that if you choose cremation, you cannot have visiting or a ceremony, when just the opposite is true. Cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, increases one’s options. It is a process which is performed in a respectful and dignified manner and can be memorialized in many ways.

Cremation as a choice neither eliminates nor does it require a funeral service. A traditional visiting followed by a religious service & cremation may be just the ritual needed by one family, while a direct cremation followed by a contemporary celebrant service or memorial service may be more spiritually fulfilling for another. They can be elaborate or simple / traditional or nontraditional. Ritual and ceremony should be as individual as the persons for whom and by whom they are made.

Depending on your preference,  know with Prout Funeral Home, the service we create together will be incredibly meaningful whether it is a full memorial service or visitation prior to cremation. With the special touches we can add to any memorial your loved one’s tribute will be poignant and personal.

Just as with every step of the cremation process, you have several options to consider about a final resting place. We will be here to help you determine whether bringing them home in an Urn, scattering in a meaningful location or burial is the best choice for you and your family. Some cemeteries will allow you to bury them in an existing family plot, even if the plot is full.

Reach out to our caring staff for help with all the options available in a cremation arrangement.

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